kaotec is all about collaboration. I work with people and their ideas as they pass on my path. In return I share what I have learned on my explorations of the universe.

I was schooled both technically (civil engineering) and creative (architecture) and I continuously use and develop both fields in every project I do.

As civil engineer architect and self-formed geek Kasper Jordaens (°1981) understands how to combine creativity by means of technology. Often using projection mapping & physical interfaces Kasper puts an extra layer of information on the environment as VJ with “de portables” or as half of the live-coding duo H.AL.I.C. and lot’s of other projects where interaction with music and live aspects are core to the idea.

Short Bio

Graduated as Master of Science in Engineering: Architecture (Urban Design and Architecture) from Ghent University

Currently employed as Research Coordinator at LUCA school of arts

Lives and works in Ghent

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Professional Career

After finishing university including a one-year Erasmus in Paris with a master thesis that outlines some of the theoretical background for constructing hypercities and why every hyperplace is different for each individual, Kasper started working for Wim Delvoye creating several sculptures, cast bronzes and lasercut steel. Conception, design, manufacturing transport and expositions, he helped the artist with the whole process, added technology to create more possibilities and more advanced techniques. This was his first job and it provided Kasper with insights, artistic as well as technological ones, that have influenced how he does what he does. More of Wim Delvoye’s work

Gaining insight in industrial processes and software pipelines Kasper sought to apply this in another field and loving experimentation he ended up in the VRT medialab (currently living on in VRT innovatie), a government funded research lab where he found a great mentor. Soon the experiments started to yield results, the team grew technology was spun off. The team was moved to ibbt (later iMinds) to better serve the whole Flemish media industry instead of just the VRT.

The media innovation center was born and Kasper was part of it from the beginning. Main accomplishment here is tangible results in research projects. Prototypes with life after demo day and how to make them. Besides that a job as technology watcher was useful to be on the edge of technology innovation and a network of researchers was waiting to be combined with industry and entrepreneurs.

As imec and iMinds were preparing to merge, Kasper set out on a trip to determine what iMinds skill could be part of a successful merge. Responding promptly with tangible solutions to customer’s technology problems by fast prototyping was something he and a team of prototypers had as a vision. At the moment of the merge imec saw this as complimentary to their hardware-focused research. Kasper has been active as a solution designer, exploring imec’s cutting edge technology research (software and hardware) and providing applied solutions to clients.

Early 2021 A new chapter started when Kasper started a new adventure as the Polymath Lab research coordinator at LUCA school of arts.