trying to get working eyesweb on OSX

It’s  a pity that ah great package like eyesweb only exists for Windows…

  1. compile wine for OSX
  2. install winetricks (fink install winetricks)
  3. run winetricks
  4. install directx from winetricks
  5. install gdiplus from winetricks
  6. notice spaces in paths are badly escaped in winetrics (you can skip this step 🙂
  7. just copy gdiplus.dll to wine_c-drive/windows/system32
  8. run eyesweb
  9. crash eyesweb every time you try to delete a part of a patch
  10. switch to OpenCV and processing which is truely opensource AND cross-platform/portable
  11. ditch eyesweb (which really runs on the wrong platform, but is great software)

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