Talk/keynote (Dutch, English)

Artificial intelligence/Artistic intelligence

Kasper wraps his insights on the contemporary applications of AI and the endless possibilities for cultural players in an inspiring presentation.

He challenges the cultural world to use AI in its own functions, to give citizens ownership of the technology that is increasingly prominent in our lives today.

There is a partially justified fear of AI today. We use technology that we inherently do not understand so we have a natural reflex to distrust that technology. On top of that, the technology is controlled and managed by the big commercial companies. They work with generalist AI’s. When we bring that tech to the cultural world we have an inherent bias because at that point it is focused on the most commercial demand.

Kasper calls on cultural players to be one step ahead of development, to bring the technology into the hands of users, individuals, artists and critical citizens. We must claim technology and use it for people and culture to empower ourselves.

Kasper outlines a world where everyone has their own AI. He describes a society where data and technology are owned by citizens, and where citizens and individuals can freely use them to creatively address the big complex issues we face today.


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