Arduino controlled APC

I pimped an ordinary Atari Punk Console with some extra LEDs , a light sensitive resistor and … an arduino. It’s still a build in progress, I will have some pics up soon, but it WORKS.

I had some basic arduino sketch running, and I was fiddling with the pins on the 556 when suddenly a sound occurred. I was reproducible and so the synth was born.
I’m now working on the software which will either firmata/pduino or midi if I get the midi-in working. A third option is the netshield and puchabe.

I’ll keep you posted…

touchpad controller

I excavated a touchpad from an old laptop. I’m almost ready for my first reverse engineering project. Altough a quick google search allready returned me a possible similar attempt, I hope the electric gods ar a bit cooporative on this. This wil make a super nice and compact MIDI-controller.
It say’s “ALPS 94v-0” and “JCI-S1S” on the PCB and “1CAO17A” on the chipset. Zero results on google…

we’ll see , I hope I don’t blow it…


Axiome is a mlr (monome style) pd patch. I’m still looking for a good beatslicer to built my own custom controller. This one is a candidate for sure. Provided I still don’t own a monome, I will have to hack it up so it becomes compatible with my yet-to-be-designed-budget-friendly-midi-and-osc-controller. Lucky it’s GPL’ed