run OSX apps fullscreen

some apps (like blender) just need to be without the OSX menu bar

this is how (copy-pasted from

I’ve always wanted an preference pane that would show and hide the dock based on which app is in the foreground. This simple plist hack does the same thing on a per-app basis. To hack an app so that when it’s active, the menubar and dock are hidden, you need to find its info.plist file. Control-click on the program in question, choose Show Package Contents from the pop-up menu, and then navigate into the Contents folder.

Once there, add the following to the file:


Be sure that it goes in alphabetical order, otherwise it won’t work (i.e. LSUIPresentationMode goes after LSMinimumSystemVersion but before NSAppleScriptEnabled). Save the file and enjoy.

[robg adds: You should work on a copy of the app, obviously, in case you make a mistake. I tested this with a copy of Stickies, and it worked great. If you’re using Property List Editor (part of the Developer Tools), you don’t need to worry about the order; just add a new Child to Root, and it works.

Note that the menubar is not completely gone, it’s just hidden, like the dock. Move your mouse up to the top of the screen, and the menubar drops down. You can read about the various LSUIPresentationMode options in this section of Apple’s Runtime Configuration Guidelines.

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