H.AL.I.C stands for Heuristic ALgorithmic Interactive Controllers meaning we combine the power of straightforward computing with the gut feeling of creative beings and we’re using this power to augment our output.

date: 2014-ONGOING
technology: clojure, overtone, supercollider, quil, processing, pure data, sonic pi, ...
medium: algorave

Furthermore we strive to achieve a harmonic cooperation not only between the human participants and the computer but also between the audio and the graphical output. It can be said the intermediary language is raw data that is reinterpreted and modified while performing, creating a live aspect and a human touch. The resulting pipeline is described in a generic way below. Some components can be implemented in a different way and where possible we zoom in on the current implementation. The whole process is not crystallized. It’s evolving to accommodate our creative needs as technology or our insights develop over time. The setup is the result of the simultaneous development of insights around livecoding from the two authors of this text with each author having a different output focus (audio or graphics) and the desire to fuse both worlds in search for a new kind of live performance.

The setup

A central supercollider scsynth instance is running instances of synths that can be defined, controlled as well as tapped into for getting data into another process layer (input or output).

This requires an additional line on synth creation, eg in overtone:

We can then tap this value realtime from any connected client, or use it for driving shadertone like in this Joseph Wilk example. What is added here is that we both control the same synth parameters for different output control, creating a feedback loop between both audio and visuals and between different artists.

SCsynth serves as a datastore for data that is very temporarily needed for music/visuals creation, updated 60-times/second. The resulting pipeline is pictured below.

This changed the way we were creating music and visuals.



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