CoverCover is a bot that makes reinterpretations of record covers. You can either show the record to a camera or type in a record name (easier as people not very often carry around a 12″ record nowadays).

The bot will try it’s best to find a match, scrape all possible metadata on it generate¬† associations in natural language, find some creative commons licensed images, convert them to plottable shapes (using potrace, python and chiplotle) make a composition and plot it on a record inlay including the creative commons references.

The result questions the role of the robot, the programmer, the original record cover maker, the person who shows the record and the people that put CC-licensed images online… is this a collaborative project?

commissioned work, made for “the futures of data 2017”

date: 2017
technology: chiplotle, python, chip, the web, crowdwisdom


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