problems uploading to mignon gamekit arduino

I recently got a mignongamekit from a friend. I assembled it, and the demo game is working. Of course I’d rather attach it to a homemade cable and antenna, so I can take control over some space station with it, but that’s not gonna happen until I get the programmer to work. I’m trying to hack one out of an existing FTDI breakoutboard I have. I use it for programing the arduino pro mini. Problem is it has one pin more then the migprog the mignongamekit proposes. the “CTS” pin,

First I just floated that pin, then I connected it to ground, always same ending

"avrdude: stk500_recv(): programmer is not responding"

The programmer resets the arduino fine, but after the timeout, the demo game just starts. The programmer is not fried as it still programs my other arduinos. I then switched tx/rx cables, so the tx on the programmer connects to the rx on the the gamekit and vv. but stil the communication is not happening. I tried all combinations of board/Serial Port, also the 8Mhz ones… Whats wrong? Is it something with the programmer? or with the gamekit? Am I trying the impossible?

maybe I have to try this, but for now that doesn’t really solve my what the hell is the CTS pin for…

Any input appreciated.

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