VJ-ing ultimately is expressing myself through images. Ideally these images are formed live in correspondence with music. In a synaesthetic approach, I try to express what I see when I listen to or make music. My VJ setup therefore looks like an instrument. It can generate rhythms or sync to external sources. It’s a collaboration between hardware and software, both of-the-shelve and homebred. 

This setup can be combined with the livecoding approach. I use syphon to share quil images to CoGe and other software. To patch up CoGe I use the sadly discontinued Quartz Composer with other tools like processing, pure data or whatever is needed. 

I mainly play with “de portables” (facebook, bandcamp) but also with suntapes who’s videos for places serve as the perfect seed for graphical explorations that all started after an experimental show at BYOB and other opportunities. I’ve been doing VJ shows for live DJ’s for quite some time or even impromptu shows at festivals (like with  Moldover at HAR2009)

Currently looking for more VJ-work – feel free to contact me