Live Coding

Kasper is a real coding-magician. In that regard, he performes at algoraves. An algorave, which is a combination of algorithm and rave, is a musical event where people dance to algorithm-generated music. This often involves the use of live coding techniques.

As a live-coding magician, Kasper is also a involved in botbop, a research and musical discovery journey into the possibilities of AI & music, where improvisation and computer composition are combined with a string quartet playing.

He often teaches youngsters how to live-code in (semi-)long learning courses. One of those courses, in co-operation with Nerdlab, ended up in a live-coding performance at Bring your own Beamer in Ghent, 2022.

In addition, Kasper forms H.AL.I.C. with Dago Sondervan, focused on live coding of sounds and visuals.

Together with Sondervan (music) Kasper forms the live coding project H.AL.I.C. where he performs the visuals.

They also organise the lambda-sonic algoraves throughout Belgium.

Chords & Cracks

Translating paintings in a story with music and live interactive images. Below an example of what this collaboration with Sioen, Koen van den Broek and PJ Seaux resulted in. A...
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