PD filters I need to code

In order to make interesting music, I need some help from my computer. That is my instrument. I’m a terrible singer, and not a very good musician either. I’m mostly a passive musician. So whenever I hear music I look for patterns I like and how they are achieved. some thoughts below and some easy-to-program filters I would like to implement in my modular instrument setup for when I become a more active musician:

  1. while listening to ‘The books – Lost and Safe” I don’t exactly remember which track, and that might even be unrelated information I thought of a “gentle noiseadder”. The gentle noiseadder would plug into a MIDI-synth track and add random crackles just a few notes up or down from the source MIDI-note which plays for much longer.
  2. ‘samplescrambler” takes a sampler cuts it into pieces and returns(plays) it with all pieces scrambled left-right, back-forth, reverse-straight or a combination of the previous. The input samples need to be of reasonable length and contain a voice or something recognizable. samplescrambler should work on video too!
  3. “samplescramblepitch” takes a sample, scales it to your timebase (say 8 beats) chops it into X (i.e. 8) pieces and plays back each piece at a newpitch according to the array set (i.e. -4,-2,3,0,2,-1,-3,4). A smoothing function could be applied where each piece is further sliced and the pitch array is interpolated.

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