Making the Roland DXY-1200 pen plotter wireless (bluetooth) for about 10€

Easy and cheap hack

My office is quite cluttered with hardware. I’ve been toying with chiplotle lately but doing so meant cleaning up my desk and make room for the big clunky 80ties plotter. Chiplotle just sends serial commands, so why not over bluetooth. I ordered a


HC06 serial bluetooth module widely available


and a


serial to ttl converter powered by USB


just hooked it up together with a DB9-DB25 convertor and it just worked… pairing the HC06 was with the code 1234, instead of OSXs default 0000. besides that, no problems.

I set my



serial_port_to_plotter_map = {‘/dev/tty.HC-06-DevB’ : ‘DXY-1300’}

and of we goplottersetup

The whole setup is usb powered and works really smooth. I can now leave the plotter at a convenient place in my office and play with it… wirelessly yay!





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  1. Just a thought: you might be able to power this from the plotter’s parallel port. It has a couple of pins that supply +5V. I don’t know if they can provide the necessary current, though

  2. @scruss I found this

    How much power can parallel port source
    Comparision of different parallel port types
    Normal UM82C11-C IEEE 1284 level II
    Data output (>2.4V) 2.6 mA 2 mA 14 mA
    Data line sink (<0.4V) 24 mA 24 mA 14 mA
    Control output (>2.4 V) 0.5 mA* 1.5 mA ?
    Signal lines (short circuit) 1 mA ? ?
    Control line sink (<0.4V) 7 mA 7 mA 14 mA

    but I don’t know what kind of port this is. It’s seems to be reasonable though. Second problem is that I don’t know yet how much the devices consume, but I guess I can measure it. Away from plotter now, so it’ll have to wait a bit.

    above chart comes from this page which is definitely a valuable resource, but it’s talking about the host (PC) side, never about the plotter/printer side which might be a problem, or am I wrong?

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