designing a 2D cityscape in processing

For the mix office redesign I designed a magnetic and writable wall (9.6 by 2.4m) but to just have an empty white board, well that would be a bit boring so I added a cityscape at the border, generated by processing, and the “oblique sky” clouds formed by the words of Brian Eno’s Oblique Strategies, also generated by processing. Both ideas were developed through trying and testing and getting immediate (visual) feedback while coding. At each run of the code, I took a snapshot. Next Time, I’ll look into autocommiting with a tag in github so I can link snapshots back to the right code. If you put the snapshots in a little movie, you can see the evolution of the idea and also the mistakes along the way 🙂

Feedback was given from the oblique strategies themselves as they hinted me to try other things when I saw them rendered on the screen.

Code on github

obique sky


Final result


inspiring drawing by a colleague


do it

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