Chords & Cracks

Chords & Cracks

Translating paintings in a story with music and live interactive images. Below an example of what this collaboration with Sioen, Koen van den Broek and PJ Seaux resulted in. A challenging opportunity to create something unique on the verge of classical instruments & electronic music and classical painting & synthesising images.

OHM2013 moldover show

I was at OHM2013 for some hacking, meeting friends and meeting new people. One of them was @moldover and he brought his gear (mojo & robocaster)! As I’m building my own controller (for visuals and vegetables) I started talking to him. He was going to perform later that day at Rainbow Island. So I offered him a live VJset and after little to none preparation time I was able to fix my setup enough to get going. And so we did. And because it was fun, we did it again the next day. Inspired by the great place Rainbow Island is I gatherered some (retro) pixels during the day from dancing my little ponys to the masks from hotline miami. The people for rainbow Island added more beamers and splitters and lights and fire and the results was fun.

some pics

full video

Moldover full show 2-8-2013 @ Rainbow Stage - OHM2013 - YouTube