perspectiefstudie van noord naar zuid

This morning as the sun rose, I biked all the way from the north to the south of Ghent taking snapshots of the airplane trails on the left-hand side. Looking for geometry and patterns ins the blue morning sky.


Did some more photos the other day, until I could no longer feel my fingers. It’s an abandonded concrete mixing installation that was recently squatted and then unsquatted for some reason.

Pic of the day

I recently made pic of the day at gentblogt. I guess it can be tagged with serendipity as I was just shooting pictures on my way to work, on a misty morning and I got it all right by accident. It was really worth stopping to watch the waterside with the little clouds rising as the sun rose in the background, although everyone else seemed to be complaining about traffic instead of looking left/right.


Ruhr – Germany

Old technology captured with old analogue cameras in a hi-tech age. A view on the past that makes you wonder about the future.

Double exposure Parc la Vilette

Shot using an old but descent RolleiFlex clone that didn’t have a stop for the film, so I overlapped all frames. I could never cut the film after developing it, but I liked the results. I also learned how not to double expose the film…